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3-Step Troubleshooting Guide for Your Ductless Mini-Split

Improper installation is a major cause of ductless mini-split failure. Therefore, you need to check your system frequently to ensure it’s working effectively and efficiently. When you learn how to troubleshoot your ductless mini-split, maintaining it becomes easy. Here is a three-step troubleshooting guide for your ductless mini-split in Cedar Park, TX.

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

For your ductless mini-split to work effectively and efficiently, it incorporates the functioning of the indoor and outdoor unit. When your system has any failure, it would be best to carry out regular maintenance and check your outdoor unit for any faults. Debris, specks of dust, leaves and branches can build up on the outdoor unit and interfere with airflow. As a result, they cause malfunctions.

Check the Air Filters

The air that gets into the ductless mini-split passes through the filter for cleaning, leaving behind specks of dust and debris. Over time, the dust and debris can build up in the air filters and cause clogging, which interferes with airflow and lowers the system’s efficiency. It would be best if you check your air filters regularly. If it has clogs, you can call a professional to clean or change the air filters.

Inspect the Power Supply

The ductless mini-split uses a power supply. If it’s not running effectively, the power supply might be the problem. Check the plug for any wear and tear that might interfere with the power supply and cause risks to your home. If the electrical system has issues that you cannot handle on your own, contact a professional. They can correct the issues for the convenience and safety of your home.

A ductless mini-split is an essential system in your home, and you need to ensure it works at its best. If you need heating installation, repair and maintenance in Cedar Park, TX, don’t hesitate to contact Texas Comfort Air.

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