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A ductless HVAC system works like a central air conditioner without the ductwork. Most commonly used in situations such as a home addition, where a window unit would be considered, a ductless system can both heat and cool your Taylor, Texas, home. Increased comfort levels, improved air quality, energy efficiency, easy installation and quiet operation are a few of the advantages ductless HVAC systems provide.

Increased Comfort

With a ductless system, you get to decide how many indoor units you want, where you’d like them placed, and what rooms you want to heat and cool at any given time. With the ability to set specific temperatures for each room in your home, everyone can feel more comfortable.

Improved Air Quality

Poor air quality can greatly impact your health and well-being. Ductless systems are a good way to improve the quality of the air in your home. They feature extensive filtration systems that help keep the air in your home clean, and they’re easy to care for and maintain.

Energy Efficient

Ductless HVAC systems are more energy-efficient than forced-air systems. They don’t lose air through gaps and cracks in ductwork, and they don’t heat or cool unused rooms. Combined, these two features lead to a huge reduction in energy usage, which lowers your utility bills and decreases your carbon footprint.

Easy Installation

Ductless systems are easy to install. They consist of a wall-mounted indoor unit and an outside compressor. To install, a service technician will drill a 3-inch hole behind the indoor unit and run a conduit between it and the outdoor unit. Installation is minimally invasive and often completed in a day.

Quiet Operation

Ductless systems are quiet when they run. Unlike window units, a ductless system unit does most of its work outside your home where you can’t hear it. You may not even realize when it’s running.

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