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Are you opening a new retail store or restaurant in Coupland, Texas, or the surrounding areas? If so, you’ll need a commercial HVAC system to keep it warm and cool throughout the year. HVAC plays a critical part in keeping employees and customers comfortable. Here are three important considerations when installing a new commercial HVAC system:

Select the Right System for Your Space

There are many heating and cooling options to choose from, and each offers its pros and cons. No matter which commercial HVAC system you select, it’s vital that the unit is properly sized for your space. A system that’s too small will strain to heat and cool your commercial space. As a result, it’ll experience more wear and break down frequently. A system that’s too big will short cycle and drive up energy costs. A professional can help you select the right unit.

Remember to Schedule Preventive Maintenance Regularly

The first step to maximizing every energy dollar you spend to heat and cool your commercial space is to select the right sized system. The second is to make sure you have it installed correctly. That’s why professional assistance is essential.

The third step is often overlooked, but it can mean the difference between operating your commercial HVAC system for 15 years or needing to replace it in five. By scheduling preventive commercial HVAC maintenance regularly, you’ll ensure it operates at peak efficiency. As a result, you’ll keep energy bills under control and prevent costly repairs. You’ll also reduce the risk of requiring a premature replacement, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Enhance Your Commercial HVAC System With Add-Ons

Don’t forget to balance humidity levels and maintain healthy indoor air quality for your employees and customers. Enhance your commercial HVAC system’s performance by adding an air purifier or dehumidifier to it.

Do you have commercial HVAC needs? Let the team at Texas Comfort Air sort them out. Contact us at (512) 285-7182 to learn more about the commercial HVAC systems and services we offer to small business owners.

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