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Most HVAC manufacturers recommend that you schedule maintenance for your HVAC system twice a year — to check cooling in the spring and heating in the fall. Here’s why your HVAC system in Cedar Park, TX, needs maintenance every spring:

Neglecting Maintenance Can Void Your Warranty

Most new air conditioners come with the manufacturer’s limited warranty. Warranties typically require you to keep your air conditioner in good working order. These companies don’t cover replacement parts unless a professional services your air conditioner regularly.

Examine your warranty certificate to see if it’s valid. This clause is usually in a section titled “Eligibility Requirements,” “Exclusions” or something similar. This strategy is beneficial to both parties since a well-maintained air conditioner will serve you longer and is less likely to require repairs.

Regular Maintenance Costs You Less Than a Repair

Your HVAC system may not fail if you don’t have it tuned up this spring. But if it happens to breaks down, the fix will most likely be more costly than a maintenance visit. Tuneups aren’t going to prevent all AC system problems, but annual maintenance prevents many cooling issues that would require expensive repairs.

During a tuneup, the service technician will spot minor issues and fix them before they become major problems. You, therefore, save yourself the greater cost and hassle of a repair.

Maintenance Increases Efficiency and Decreases Cooling Costs

The quality of an air conditioner degrades over time. However, if you neglect annual AC maintenance, your air conditioner’s performance will plummet much faster.

The motor parts require lubrication to reduce the friction that causes system inefficiency. It’s also important to wash and balance the blowers to prevent airflow problems, which can reduce your system’s efficiency by up to 15%. The service technician will check your drains and filters for clogs, which decrease the system’s efficiency and increase its power usage.

Our team provides affordable HVAC maintenance, installation and repair services. We’re standing by to make sure your HVAC system is operating as efficiently as possible. Contact Texas Comfort Air today for HVAC services to keep your system at its best all year long.

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