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Your Elgin, Texas, home needs to stay clean as much as it needs to stay cool during the hot summer months. When air that contains organic waste and dust blows through the vents, it can impact your health. Here are three health problems caused by a dirty HVAC system:

Effects on Energy Levels and Mood

When you go inside a home that hasn’t received HVAC maintenance, the air you breathe may hold up to 10 times more pollutants than outdoor air. These pollutants result from the use of chemicals in common products known as volatile organic compounds. If you live in an older home, you may also breathe in particles of lead or asbestos. Constant exposure can impair your energy levels and mood.

Respiratory Illness

There are many respiratory dangers that a dirty HVAC system presents. You may never see the insides of your home’s HVAC ducts. But what’s hidden there can cause a sore throat, coughing and other symptoms in otherwise healthy homeowners. If you struggle with a disease like COPD or asthma, living in a home with an dirty HVAC system could aggravate those conditions. Therefore, it’s vital to get it professionally cleaned.

Headaches, Dizziness and Memory Impairment

Symptoms of exposure to household pollutants also include dizziness, headaches and memory impairment. The severity of symptoms may depend on what steps you take to keep your house clean, including your HVAC system. You’ll want to change filters regularly and keep air circulating in clean, unclogged ducts. You’ll want to keep coils clean and free of debris or ice. As a result, your system will circulate air better.

At Texas Comfort Air, we can help you keep the HVAC system in your home as clean as your living room carpet. Regardless of how nice your system was new, it can’t do its job of keeping you healthy and cool without maintenance. Call us at (512) 285-7182 to learn more about how you can maintain your HVAC system’s prime condition.

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