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If the air quality in your workspace is poor, it can cause many problems for you and your workers. It’s very important to make sure that the air quality your employees breathe is clean and fresh. Here are a few dangers of poor indoor air quality at your business in Taylor, TX:

Fatigue and Nausea

Poor air quality in the workplace can cause your employees to feel fatigued and dizzy. There are certain contaminants that can negatively affect a worker’s cognitive functions, such as carbon monoxide. This leaves your workers with a feeling of sleepiness that will hinder their ability to work effectively.

These contaminants can also cause your workers to become nauseous in certain extreme cases. If your workers are experiencing nausea and becoming sick, this is a huge indicator that the air quality in your office needs improvement.


If your employees have allergy issues, poor air quality will exacerbate them. Your workers might begin to develop headaches, and they may cough and develop nasal and throat congestion as well as irritation throughout their body.

Respiratory Issues

Long-term exposure to poor air quality could lead to serious respiratory issues. If your workers inhale too many allergens and pollutants, they could begin to develop life-threatening respiratory illnesses such as lung cancer and lung tissue swelling. Other illnesses they could develop include heart diseases, asthma attacks and increased chances of strokes.

Skin Irritation

Poor air quality can also affect the skin. Exposure to substandard air quality can cause your workers’ skin to start peeling and flaking. It may also cause them to develop rashes.

Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect you and your workers in a variety of ways. Make sure you contact Texas Comfort Air for indoor air quality services as well as HVAC maintenance.

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