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Variable refrigerant flow in a ductless HVAC system provides simultaneous heating and cooling in homes and commercial spaces. Here are some of the reasons you should choose the VRF technology in Coupland, TX:

Adaptive Design

VRF systems come in different designs and sizes for efficient air conditioning. They have the option of a refrigerant piping that’s smaller than conventional sizes to fit much tighter spaces and other larger designs.


The VRF system appeals to many users due to its energy-saving abilities. Its design allows it to supply the exact amount of refrigerant needed to cool a particular room. This feature helps in the reduction of energy waste.

When energy waste drops, so do costs. The heat capture process helps eliminate heat waste, resulting in reduced energy bills.

Modern Controls

A VRF HVAC system has advanced controls such as mobile technology integrated into its design. The mobile technology allows you to control the temperature settings of the system remotely. The commercial VRF systems come with built-in controls such as the fifth-generation inverter control systems that help in the cooling modulation.

Quiet Operation

VRF uses air handlers that are smaller and quieter than those of the traditional split systems. This feature makes the VRF system have a noiseless operation besides the outdoor condenser.

Flexible and Modular

The design of the VRF HVAC system enables you to add other units to the system when you have additional rooms and areas in need of cooling. It also allows you to combine several outdoor units for higher capacities.

It also has small units that don’t require much space, and they’re convenient since they don’t use ducts. They also experience minimal wear and tear since they only operate when required, leading to fewer breakdowns and repairs.

The VRF HVAC system is a revolutionary technology in air conditioning. Contact us at Texas Comfort Air for ductless VRF HVAC units and air conditioning systems.

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