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The furnace removes dirt, pollen and other pollutants from your home while heating the air. Scheduling a tuneup, inspecting the blower belt and flushing the drain are important tasks for furnace preparation. If you reside in Elgin, TX, here’s a checklist before turning on the furnace.

Ensure the Thermostat is Working

Turn on the thermostat and check if it’s functioning properly. If it doesn’t work as it should, switch it off and contact a qualified service technician. Make sure you get a replacement if the old thermostat is beyond repair.

Clean and Change the Unit Filters

The filter in your heater helps trap dirt and dust from the house. Dirty filters force your heater to work extra hard, leading to higher energy bills. Cleaning yours helps reduce respiratory complications, while frequent replacement of old filters helps prevent any dirt buildup.

Seal Leaks in Doors and Windows

Cracks, holes and leaks in the doors and windows allow cold air to penetrate the rooms during the fall. Seal any holes and conduct repairs where necessary, especially in areas with big leaks. Covering these leaks ensures your furnace doesn’t use more energy to keep the rooms warm.

Check the Furnace Chimney and Vent

Furnace vents and chimneys may have obstructions in the form of debris, leaves or small rodents and birds. Enlist a professional’s help to disconnect the furnace ducts and clean any dirt that may have piled up. A service technician can also repair and replace any worn-out parts and correctly reassemble the duct for efficiency.

Test the Safety Detectors

Safety is a primary concern before turning on the furnace. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be at their optimal state. Replace the batteries in the detectors and turn them on to be certain they’re in working condition.

Ensuring your furnace is functional helps it achieve optimal performance while eliminating high energy costs. If you need professional heating repair and installation services, contact us at Texas Comfort Air. We’ll be glad to assist.

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