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Is the air conditioning system in your Hutto, Texas, home making squealing noises? If so, it’s a good idea to call in a professional HVAC service technician to take a look at it. A squealing system can be a sign of several problems that can degrade performance and efficiency. Here are three signs it’s time to call for an AC repair:

Belt Damage

Squealing noises can be a sign of a damaged belt inside your air conditioner. Your AC system will typically continue to work to keep your home cool even if there’s something wrong with the belt. But if you let it operate with a damaged belt for too long, you could be facing an expensive AC repair or failure of the system.

Compromised Airflow

Compromised airflow can result in a squealing cooling system, especially if there’s a tear or hole in your home’s ductwork. As air escapes through the hole or tear, it’ll make a squealing noise, particularly when the AC system is running full-blast. Though the system will continue to run, it’ll have a difficult time maintaining the target temperature. Therefore, damaged ductwork will cause your cooling expenses to increase. To fix this problem, schedule a service appointment so that an HVAC service technician can repair your ductwork.

Shot Fan Motor Bearings

If the outdoor unit is making squealing noises that sound like metal on metal, there’s a good chance that the fan motor bearings are shot. When this happens, you need to replace the fan motor, which is a job for a professional. You can continue to operate your air conditioner to keep the house cool, but it’s important to schedule an AC tune-up soon as possible.

Squealing noises emanating from your cooling system can be a sign of an issue that requires the attention of one of our certified HVAC service technicians. We can inspect the entire cooling system and make any necessary adjustments and repairs to ensure it operates with the utmost efficiency. Contact Texas Comfort Air at (512) 285-7182 today to schedule your AC repair.

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