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As you get into dealing with the cold fall weather in Coupland, TX, it’s vital that your HVAC system is functioning at its peak. Unknowingly, we may ignore the importance of good airflow and its role in increased HVAC efficiency and your comfort. Below are some guidelines to assist in improving your airflow:

Unblock Supply Vents

Clean air from outside enters your home through the vents placed strategically in different areas of it. In case there are any obstructions or blocks, such as furniture, you compromise the airflow. At times, someone may not want hot or cold air in their room and, therefore, may block the vent.

Blocking one vent affects airflow. Consequently, due to the limited airflow, your HVAC system will unevenly heat your home. In turn, the uneven heating may overwork your system, causing wear and tear to the components.

Use Your Ceiling Fan Correctly

Your fan can be a powerful tool in boosting your airflow when used in the right way. During hot days, a fan rotating counterclockwise can cause a cooling effect. During chilly weather, fans rotating clockwise can help make you feel warm.

Fans also increase air circulation due to their rotating blades. However, for maximum ventilation effect, place the fans near windows, which also helps maintain fresh air indoors. Still, using your fans with the windows closed can significantly boost your airflow.

Change Air Filters

Dirty air filters decrease the indoor air quality and limit air flowing into your home. The build-up of dirt particles such as pet dander, dust and pollen can cause clogs in your air filter, restricting air passing through. As a result, you risk lowering your HVAC system’s efficiency and accumulating high utility bills.

Proper airflow ensures a constant supply of fresh, clean outdoor air for your home, maintaining high indoor air quality. Contact Texas Comfort Air for HVAC maintenance services to inspect your airflow levels.

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