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In this modern age of information, it’s easy to find a video or how-to guide on fixing anything and everything in your home. However, tackling your own furnace repair is potentially dangerous and can cause damage to your HVAC system. Here are a few reasons you should avoid DIY furnace repair in your Liberty Hill, Texas, home:

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Improper repairs to an HVAC system can lead to deadly carbon monoxide leaks. This gas can leak into your home when the components of your HVAC system aren’t properly sealed or your combustion system isn’t complete. It can cause sickness and even death. Ensure your carbon monoxide alarm is working and avoid tinkering with a gas-fueled furnace.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If you can’t show that a professional has maintained your heating system, you may have difficulty applying for homeowner’s insurance or modifying it. A DIY furnace repair is a liability that can lead to damage in the home. Therefore, lenders may request proof that a professional has inspected your furnace.

Difficulty Selling Your Home

A DIY furnace repair will likely make it more difficult to sell your home. New home shoppers want to see that your home’s HVAC system has been properly maintained. Without proof from a licensed service technician, shoppers can’t be sure that your HVAC system is safe and in working order.


One of the biggest reasons to avoid DIY furnace repair is the increased risk of causing an explosion. If your system is delaying gas ignition, it fills up with excess gas. Once the igniter finally kicks in, it can cause an explosion that can severely damage your HVAC system and possibly your house. The explosion can also start a fire in your home. The worst-case scenario is an explosion big enough to harm you and your family.

Do you want professional help with your furnace repairs? Call Texas Comfort Air at (512) 285-7182. Furnace repair is an investment in your home that you should leave to a trained professional.

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