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The heat index around Hutto, TX, gets dangerously high at times over the summer. If your air conditioner isn’t efficient, it’ll fail to keep you both safe and comfortable. Here are five ways to diagnose an inefficient AC system:

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are the gateway for air circulating through your HVAC system. If anything inhibits that airflow, your system can’t function efficiently.

Check your air filters monthly to see if they’re dirty. Plan to replace them at least every 90 days, depending on your air quality and filter type.

Inconsistent Temperatures

You should have a fairly consistent temperature throughout your home while your air conditioner is running. Inconsistent temperatures indicate a problem with the air circulating, which degrades your system’s efficiency. Check to ensure that all your vents have at least 10 inches of clearance around all sides.

Only One Thermostat

The best HVAC systems split the space into multiple zones, allowing you to control each area independently. You may set up zones based on how much solar heat the areas absorb, such as through windows. Independent zones allow the HVAC system to direct the cool air to where it’s needed the most, thereby increasing efficiency.

Climbing Energy Bills

A key to diagnosing long-term inefficiency is to look at your energy bills. If you notice the energy use climbing beyond slight variations, you have an efficiency problem. Ignoring this important indicator not only drives up your utility costs but eventually leads to preventable AC repairs.

Falling Behind on Maintenance

Routine AC maintenance is the most important way to maintain operational efficiency. During a visit, a service technician cleans your evaporator coil and circulating fan and tests all system components. If it’s been more than a year since your last maintenance visit, your AC system has some degree of inefficiency.

Stop worrying about paying too much for your air conditioning this summer. Call the experts at Texas Comfort Air to schedule your AC maintenance today.

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