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Air ventilation is an important concern that homeowners often overlook. Homeowners often focus on carefully sealing and insulating their homes without thinking about the ventilation needs that come along with these projects. If you’ve sealed your home tightly to avoid energy waste, you also need to carefully consider purposeful ventilation to keep the air clean in your Hutto, Texas, home.

Use Exhaust Fans

You should have exhaust fans in any environment that regularly has high humidity levels. These are typically the bathroom and kitchen.

Make sure your exhaust fans vent to the outside so you’re properly directing the damp air out of the house. Always turn on your exhaust fans when you’re engaged in activities that produce steam and humidity such as showering or cooking.

Install Fans

Ceiling fans help keep the air in your home circulating. This enhanced circulation will improve ventilation by keeping the air in motion. This pushes stale air onward so it’s more likely to get picked up by exhaust fans or other ventilation features.

Window fans are another effective option. These will push stale air directly out of the home.

Add Mechanical Ventilation

You can install a mechanical ventilator as part of your home’s HVAC system. Our Legacy Series Energy Recovery Ventilator can sit right on your return duct. This will push stale air out of the home and bring fresh clean air in regularly. As a result, you’ll never feel trapped in a well-sealed home with stale air.

We also offer a high-capacity ventilator for larger homes. And we have a variety of horizontal heat recovery ventilators so you can select the product that best suits your home’s unique needs. Our service technicians can help you select the best option.

Are you concerned with ventilation in your home? Adding one or more of these features will help you keep the air clean, fresh and healthy. Contact Texas Comfort Air to learn more about ventilation products and other indoor air quality solutions for your home. Call us today at (512) 285-7182.

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