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Ductless air conditioning systems offer flexible, energy-saving advantages compared to traditional ducted HVAC units. Ductless systems are simple and fast to install, quiet to operate and environmentally friendly. Best of all, they provide exceptional comfort to homeowners in Pflugerville, Texas. Individual controls regulate temperature by room or zone. They’re effective at removing humidity, too. Read on to learn more about ductless air conditioning.

What’s Ductless Air Conditioning?

As their name suggests, ductless systems don’t require ducts for indoor climate control. Ductless mini-splits have an outdoor unit containing the compressor, expansion valve and fans. They have an indoor blower that contains an evaporator coil, fans and filter.

Blowers install in individual rooms or zones. They connect to the outdoor unit by a conduit containing refrigerant, electrical wiring and condensate tubing. The conduit is routed through a 3-inch hole in a wall. Air flows over the cold indoor coils and blows into the living space. They’re available as either air conditioners or heat pumps.

Where Can You Use Ductless AC?

Ductless units can serve as the primary source of indoor comfort or as auxiliary systems. If you have added on to your home, have rooms with uneven temperatures or would like to cool spaces that you can’t connect to a ducted system, mini-splits solve the problem.

Ductless systems avoid the expense and complication of installing ducts if you want whole-house air conditioning. Depending on the brand and model you choose, one compressor unit can support up to nine indoor cassettes. As a result, you can optimize climate control inside your home.

Why Use Ductless Over Other HVAC Options?

Finally, there are several advantages to ductless systems:

  • They’re energy-efficient because there’s no air loss through ducts.
  • Indoor air is cleaner because each cassette contains an air filter that captures pollutants instead of circulating pollutants through ducts.
  • They’re economical. When a room is not in use, the unit can be turned off without affecting comfort in other rooms.
  • They’re quiet. You hear only the sound of blowing air.

Texas Comfort Air installs, repairs and maintains all types of HVAC equipment, including ductless systems. We can recommend ductless equipment that works with your lifestyle and budget. Call today to schedule a service visit.

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